Some say 7….(continued, part II)

Part II

vanajAkshi – this song totally rocks…and U Srinivas played this at lightning speeds and completely made the listener lose himself/herself with complex, intricate kalpanAswarAs and variations in the charaNam (listened to this one, long ago in the music academy, madras)
kalaivAniyE (sindhu bhairavi) – I am out of words here…..hats off to yesudoss…!!
nAn enbadhu nee allavO (soora samhAram)
ammA endru azhaikkAdha (mannan)

kalyANa vasantham

Obvious choice, the “title melody” from Duet by the great Kadri Gopalnath…


uyirum neeyE (pavithrA). Haven’t listened to any other song recently in this raga, hence this is sort of THE benchmark for me…unni krishnan’s vocal magic, causes a lump in my throat, and brings a tear to my eyes every time I listen to this one. Fantabulous song!

karna ranjani

mEgamE mEgamE sung by Vani Jayaram… (probably borrowed from) Jagjit Singh’s ghazal – tum nahi gham nahi. Jagjit Singh’s version is definitely much better (IMHO)


evanO oruvan (alaipAyuthey),
yengE enadu kavidhai (kandukondein kandukondein),

Between kalyANa vasantham and kIravANi, again, very little difference and that too only in the ArOhaNam. This was one of those slap-on-the-face revelations, when I learnt that kalyANa vasantham is a kIravANi janya.(I’m like, dude!, they sound so much alike, and when I knew about the janya …DUH !!!, should’ve guessed that !) Having said that, its probably necessary to have more knowledge to discretely identify these two from one another, and I am trying…….:)

kunthala varALi

oru murai vandhu pArthAyA (MaNichitrathAzhu)
Fiery, Passionate rendition by the one and only Chithra, matched perfectly by Shobana’s dance…..Felt a wave of excitement pass through me when I first listened to this song and was more excited when I found this to be based on (probably totally) kunthala varALi, as I hadn’t heard this raga in a long time. (in contrast to “rA rA” from chandramukhi, not very heavy orchestration, but still did the magic for me..)


idhazhil kadhai ezhudhum (unnAl mudiyum thambi)
The beautiful intro comprising of the bells, melodious flute and the final Guitar round up…almost gives away the definition.


AdAdha manamum unDO…Absolutely fell in love with this raga a few years back… was looking through the gAnAmrutha bOdhini… and learnt about this.


nalam vAzha ennALum (marupadiyum). Learnt about this raga from a TV show, conducted by Mohan Vaidya… I think the show was called “Ragam Sangeetham”… Got the name from there and then went back to some book and cross referenced it to grasp the ArOhaNam/AvarOhaNam


anjali anjali (duet)
sowkiyamA (sangamam)…very sweet intro on the Veena leaving the listener wanting more…First interlude Sax, totally defines the raga…. Nityashree gives a fine touch on the intricacy at a couple places – “sooriyan vandhu vaavenum podhu”, and “en kaatril swasam illai” and then ensuing gamakam… absolutely wonderful…Very good conclusion, where ARR probably let Kadri Gopalnath loose, and off he goes on a 40 second blitz…..reminds me of “bArO krishnaiyA” ….and of course cant forget “oru nAl pOdhumA”, the initial couple of lines….


manasA etulO
kaNmaNi nee vara kAthirundhEn (thendralE ennai thodu) – superb orchestration..yesudoss and uma just breeze through it…

3 Responses

  1. Duet title is kalyana vasantham ? interesting :-) as with dwijavanthi, even though i’ve heard of this raga name…never knew what it meant…..

    btb, mouname paravaiyai has liberal use of ni3…so i may suspect those shades are still desh/kapi’ish

    orunaal orupozhuthu (from andhi mandharai) is straight kamas as well…

    lathangi…chinna rasave ;)

    idhazhil is beautiful laliatha…spb & chitra…very nicely done

    maand, pls refer my review on treatment of mand in sowkiyama (sangamam)

    malaya marudham – ragasiyamai (dum dum dum)

  2. Another beautiful carnatic number in kamas appears in “Morning Raaga”. HMBs “Maathey” sung by Sudha Raghunathan. As heartwarming as uyirum neeyae, prbly better.

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