Twelve years later…

Just a couple days ago, I realized that I’ve lived in the USA for 12 years now…actually the exact date of the 12th year mark was 8/17/13… memories raced through since the time I landed here and how naive and stupid I was to what I have become now. Also, the realization that I’ve lived outside India, the country where I was born for almost a third of my entire life was another surprising statistic that I made a mental note of.

In someways I’m really happy and perhaps proud (not sure if what I feel is pride, but.. my blog, so who cares) at what I have accomplished and the kind of person I’ve become. Overall I think my ideas and ideals have constantly changed and are changing and I’m liking the direction life is taking me in terms of personal development. Career wise, whole another story, which partially is my mistake. But then again, I see people in their 50s and 60s going through life much more relaxed than I am..

I try very hard to not succumb to the typical desi rat race, but every now and then, because of certain “wonderful” people in my life who keep reminding me that I haven’t met a certain societal milestone, makes me wonder and beat myself up for a brief while before I show them the finger in my mind and move on to just being… me.

It has also been close to five years since I have been married and boy what a crazy/wonderful journey that has been!

So anyway, 12 years and counting in the US of A. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Deducing patterns in the Melakartha system: An amateur’s view – Part 2: Examples

Continued from Part 1….

Let’s take a couple of ragams as examples and try to deduce their position in the Melakartha scheme by applying the rules outlined in Part 1 of this post.

Once again, this method to identify ragams is only partially adequate, as the raga bhavam/lakshanam is also crucial along with the underlying notes to accurately identify any given ragam. Learning the bhavam/lakshanam of a particular ragam can only be achieved by listening to several renditions of that ragam by different performers (vocal/instrumental) over several years and slowly refining our thought process.

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Deducing patterns in the Melakartha system: An amateur’s view – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I had the sudden impulse to tabulate all the Melakartha ragams in the hope of better understanding them in terms of the underlying notes and perhaps glean more information from this exercise. I must say, choosing Excel as the tool to do this, has not only helped me gain better understanding, but each new piece of knowledge came to me as one revelation after another, marveling at the sheer genius and simple arithmetic behind the whole system. So, I’m attaching a PDF version — MelakarthaResearch — of the spreadsheet with this post; it’ll help illustrate the ideas I am about to put forth ahead.

2011…a milestone in many ways.

Wow.. I haven’t really even thought what I am going to write in this one, but just felt like the least I could do was login and if my blog still existed. And here I am.

2011 feels like one long train ride or flight that finally ended; I am so tired physically just to have endured all the different goings-on and mentally drained from the ennui of enduring one radical change after another, most of which kneed me in the balls and left me questioning the decisions that I had taken to get me to this point in my life. I guess I had so much going on had so many experiences to write about in this space.. and that was exactly the problem in and of itself..

Anyway, things are slowly starting to look up as the new year has rolled in… very slowly nonetheless.

There you have it my dear blog.. I have missed you in the last year and hope to come here and bring my old self back in the days to come. :-)

Happy New Year to you and I.

What If – Heath Ledger

For months the hoopla surrounding the now legendary Heath Ledger was the popular news item on possibly every news/media website. The articles written said a lot of things, but one thing struck me as the common vein…and it struck me only recently, as I watched Doug Stanhope’s standup show. He was talking about how people generally say that when somebody dies really young (numerically), that the deceased person had so much to offer the world, so much promise, so much potential, stuff like that. To this, Doug said something like “What if that person was outta shit?”… Meaning, what if at the time of dying the supposedly God-gifted-uber-talented person had already reached the pinnacle of his talent?

I thought about this and one person immediately came to mind. Heath Ledger. So, I presented the theory to my wife, and she seemed to agree. My theory follows:

What if, after acing the Joker character in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger would have thought to himself, “Gosh! I guess my performance in this movie has turned out to be possibly my best so far”. Assuming he was using drugs and was perhaps mentally unstable (which may explain his creepy ‘performance’), he would have thought that it would be impossible to perform any better in any forth coming movie, no matter how promising the script or how favourable any of the several circumstances were. Then in a flash, it would have probably occurred to him, that he would want to be remembered and idolized as The Joker. So, he ODed and ended his life.

OR he just felt repulsed after having broken his back on a mountain with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Then again, this is just my theory.

Drawing blanks…

The last few months have been a whirlwind of changes and activity on the domestic and the so called professional front. I had a lot to talk and rant about but just couldn’t turn to my trusted friend here to pour out my thoughts, for reasons unbeknownst to me.

I just logged in here and was reading some of my old posts and noticed how my thought processes have changed over the years, and how I have become much more articulate than I was back in college.

Must start posting more often; I miss this aspect of my life.. don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. heh.

Nine years…

How much have I changed? Have I actually “matured” in the conventional sense of the word? What have I given up? What have I gained? Do I miss home? What do I miss most about home? Has my overall personality improved and how?

…are some of the questions that race through my mind when I think back to 17/08/2001.

I do have answers to some… and some of the other questions are transient and they are very quickly replaced by others…

Overall, it has been a fun ride so far.. looking forward to the challenges that life has around the corner for me. :-)


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